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Uggh, I totally failed with my French exam today, I just know it. I think I did fairly well with both reading and listening comprehensions but oh fucking god my essays were so frigging horrible! Who the fuck decided the topics? 

And yeah, since the max points is somewhere around 300 and the essays are like 1/3 and 10% of students will automatically fail the exams no matter what I’m totally screwed. Dammit I should have chosen to do Swedish instead of French…

Day 3 - Who is your favourite female character and why?

There are many females in DC that I like, but I think Sonoko Suzuki is my favourite of them all. I love her BFF relationship with Ran, and I think that she has one of the best personalities in the series. The way she’s always checking out if there are any hot guys around offers often lot of hilarious moments but her bad luck with men is also something we can relate to and it makes us forgive her all the shit she gives to Conan. Plus, Sonoko is a fangirl like me so that’s a nice extra.

Also, although Sonoko is rich and often talks about her family’s wealth she isn’t an annoying spoiled brat. Not to mention I like how whenever a crime happens Sonoko is usually far less scared than Ran, even if she can’t defend herself like so many other female characters in the series and therefore usually needs to be rescued with someone. 

(These are few reasons why I adore Sonoko. I may have forgotten some reasons why I chose her instead of Haibara but it’s 1am so my brain isn’t working as nicely as I want.)